In Awe: ‘Transcendence’ (Produced by Christopher Nolan)” (Trailer)

I beg of you to watch this trailer for Transcendence, a science fiction thriller about Dr. Will Caster, an A.I. specialist (Johnny Depp) who is forced to “upload” his consciousness to survive after being shot with a bullet poisoned with radiation during an assassination attempt. The film follows Caster is his efforts to maintain his human life while being morphed into an indescribable A.I. project. The technological themes in this film mimic real-life cautions about the intriguing yet troubling possibilities of artificial intelligence over taking human knowledge in the coming years.

Kate Mara and Morgan Freeman also star in this sure-to-be blockbuster. The film marks the directorial debut of Christopher Nolan‘s understudy Wally Phister, Nolan will also be credited as the film’s producer. Look for Transcendence to touch down April 17, 2014.


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