Chance the Rapper vs. Nardwuar (Watch)

Rookie of the Year Chance the Rapper had a Social Experiment tour stop in British Columbia recently so obviously the inquisitive Nardwuar, the Human Serviette had to be in the mix. In the interview, Nardwuar discovers the roots of hip-hop’s brightest star as Chancellor discusses his familial connections to tobacco fields in North Carolina, Freestyle Fellowship, Chicago MCs, his campaign with President Obama, and more formerly-unknown stuff. Watch above! Watch Chance’ s personal visual recap of his recently-finished Social Experiment tour below.

With little budget, experience or time for preparation, the team and I put together this #SocialExperiment Tour 2013. My first Tour. 43 shows. 18 person crew. 4 piece band. 1 Tour bus. 1 raw ass RV. This video represents positivity, love, friendship, musicianship, support and a whole lot of hard work. Big thanks and a Merry Xmas to every single person that made this possible, and everyone else who supported me like crazy this year.


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