#Overkill?: #BEEN #TRILL To Open Flagship Store in New York City Near Chinatown

heron2013 was a fruitful year for DJ collective/clothing brand #BEEN #TRILL as their hashtag-heavy clothing and accessories were literally #EVERYWHERE. Over the past year, the brand collaborated with streetwear labels UNDTFD, Diamond, and SSUR  and have established accounts with mall retailer Pac Sun. Today, The New York Times ran an interview with #BEEN #TRILL capo Heron Preston, in which Preston stated that the collective is planning to open their first store this December in New York City with plans of erecting stores in Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

According to the San Francisco native the store will be on Canal Street and Broadway. Yes, the Canal Street that sells fake handbags and designer gear but this excites Preston as he stated, “We’re smack dab in the middle of that [Chinatown] and we couldn’t be happier.” Also, in vain of #BEEN #TRILL associate and cultural icon Kanye West, Preston wants to expand from realm of streetwear in efforts to design uniforms and spaceships for NASA. Ambitious.

Given that in the past year the collective flooded the market with collaborations to the point of saturation, are they doing too much in too little time? Or are we just hating? Give us your opinion.

[Courtesy of New York Times]


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