Lana Del Rey Releases New Short Film & Title to New Album


The long-awaited film “Tropico” from Lana Del Rey has been released and it signifies a new chapter for the queen. The film has been rumored to be based on a lot of biblical references as well as Lana herself portraying the character of Eve and model Shaun Ross portraying Adam. The short film is about 30 minutes long and was directed by Anthony Mandler. Mandler has directed a number of Del Rey’s prior music videos including “National Anthem” and “Ride”. “Tropico” features three songs off her debut album Born to Die – Paradise Edition: “Body Electric”, “Bel Air”, and “Gods & Monsters”. The short film is said to illustrate the tensions between sin and redemption, a recurring theme that is present in many of Lana Del Rey’s music.  The film opens up with a “trippy” filter (Lo-Fi?, Valencia?, Hefe?) and only seems to get better from there.  Lana transforms into a seductive stripper and the film ends with her in a pure white dress.  Fitting. During the premiere of “Tropico” last night in Hollywood, Del Rey also announced the new title of her upcoming album titled Ultra-Violence which is an inspiration from the cult favorite movie A Clockwork Orange. You can watch the epic “Tropico” here.


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