Pharrell’s New 24-Hour Video for “Happy”

Nothing would make me happier than hearing Pharrell‘s voice for an entire day straight and now my dream has come true. The YouTube version of his new 24-hour video for “Happy” consists of six four-hour videos of people singing his song “Happy” which is off the soundtrack of the animated film Despicable Me 2. However, there is a designated website for the video that is unpredictable. Meaning, every time the page is refreshed the video starts with a new person in a different location.  In addition, you can tweet and share certain points of the video.  If you’re like me and want to view Pharrell as much as possible, the website even points out each time Pharrell is in the video. If you decide you have 24 hours to spare or happen to get lucky you may be able to see some familiar faces like members of Odd Future and famous actors like Steve Carrell dancing alongside Skateboard P himself.  The video can be viewed here or in the videos above (part one) and below (part two-six).  I hope this video makes you… well, happy.


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