DJ Mustard Sits Down With Juan Epstein & Hot 97

One producer that has been gaining major traction in the rap game over the past year has been California native DJ Mustard who has worked with likes of 2 Chainz, YG, and Tyga. You may be familiar with his tag line, “Mustard on the beat, ho!” which christens the opening moments of all his strip club anthems. The hard work has paid off greatly as the DJ announced earlier this week that he has signed an artist contract with Jay Z‘s Roc Nation. On the heels of the signing, Mustard (whose real name is Dijon McFarlane) sat down with Hot 97‘s Juan Epstein to discuss his ascension to stardom, the new Roc Nation deal, how he crafts beats with specific artists and growing up in West LA. Watch above!

Read Mustard’s interview with The Fader here.

Jay Z recruited you to make music for his new Barneys collection installation. Did he bring you into Roc Nation? I haven’t met Jay Z yet. Every time me and Jay are supposed to meet, he’s doing something or I’m doing something. I’ll probably meet him out here. I know he approved that I can get signed to Roc Nation. But I’m real close with [Roc Nation co-founder and president] Jay Brown. Jay Brown brought me in.

After news broke that Barneys had improperly detained two black shoppers, and some called for Jay Z to pull out of his collaboration with them, he renegotiated the terms so 100 percent of profits would benefit his charity. With all that attention, how did you feel about being involved in the project? I feel like sometimes people just want stuff to say. Jay Z’s not making money from the collection, that’s going to a charity. Racial profiling is wrong; they need to fire the employees that were there [during the incidents in question]. But people don’t need to take that out on Jay Z, or the whole of Barneys.


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