Sorry Not Sorry: Trinidad James Speaks on “Atlanta Runs NY” Statement

Last week, Trinidad James had some choice words for the current climate of New York rap as expressed his opinions to a polarized crowd at Converse’s Rubber Tracks concert in Brooklyn. By claiming that Atlanta hip-hop runs New York radio, James caught flack from NYC artists Maino and Smoke DZA, and may have lost a major market for his future album/tour sales, given that finally produces an actual album.

Tonight, James has released “The Truth Will Set You Free”, a video message that depicts the rapper speaking his mind in regards to last week’s controversy. In the video, James apologizes for having the “barbershop conversation” about New York rap in New York but stands by his statements about how New York radio doesn’t promote the city’s younger artists.

Sounds like the pressure from Maino and DZA has James shook. Watch the short clip above. Listen to James’ track “L.I.A.A.R.S. (Lames Is Always Acting Real…Sure)” in which the Atlanta rapper addresses the situation and name drops high-profile radio personalities Peter Rosenberg (Hot 97) and Charlamagne (Power 105. 1) below.


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