1995: Notorious B.I.G Interviewed About Growing Up in Brooklyn, Drug Dealing, & Rapping (Watch)

Back in 1995, Channel 4 in the United Kingdom ventured to Brooklyn to profile The Notorious B.I.G who was coming off the success of his multi-platinum debut album Ready to Die and was cementing his position as rap’s biggest juggernaut. In the 15-minute video, we witness B.I.G talk about the strife of growing up in the hood, Bed-Stuy, and trials and tribulations of drug dealing. We also get an in-depth confessional from his mother Voletta Wallace as she shares her own conflicting perception of the rap legend. Throughout the duration of the video, you get to see Biggie do “regular” rapper activities such as buying jewelry from Jacob The Jeweler, and perform for 1995 L.A. Summer Jam. Watch above!

Cameos include Bad Boy Entertainment mogul P. Diddy, Biggie’s ex-wife Faith Hill and his Junior M.A.F.I.A. cohorts Lil’ Cease and Lil’ Kim.

[Courtesy of Miss Info]


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