Jhene Aiko Talks to Noisey About Weed, Being on Tour With Drake, and Dating; Stream Her New EP ‘Sail Out’

In celebration of her new EP, Sail Out, Jhené Aiko interviews with Noisey about her latest music, dating, and being on tour (Would You Like A Tour?) with three power players: Drake, Miguel, and Future.  If you don’t know who Jhené Aiko is, now is the time to get familiar as the EP is already receiving rave reviews. If you’re not aware, she’s the multi-ethnic babe who is featured on Drake’s Nothing Was the Same hit, “From Time”.  Sail Out is now available on stream and is filled with features from West Coast artists including  Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Vince Staples.

In her interview with Noisey, the songstress also spills details about her choice of weed (which is sativa, if you were wondering) and her favorite method of smoke. Aiko claims, “I like weed…I had a G-Pen at one point. I go through phases. Now, I like this vaporizer but you put the weed in there so it’s not the wax. I’ve also gone back to papers, like raw papers.”

Referring to her experiences of being on tour with Drake, Aiko states, “The female fans are more hardcore at approaching me like ‘Oh. Can I kiss you?’ ‘Sign my boobs.’ The guys are more… Sometimes I don’t know if they’re trying to talk to me or if they know who I am, like ‘Can I get your number?’ I’m like, ‘Am I just a regular girl right now or?’ I don’t know.”

In addition, she released the visuals  for her stand-out cut “The Worst” last night. Watch above.

You can read the rest of her interview with Noisey here and stream Sail Out below. 


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