Ill: Aaron Cohen ft. ABGOHARD – “Nickvanexelrose”

Director: Jared Soule

We at American Beau have been keeping our eye on Aaron Cohen as we have seen his musical offerings featured on various indie music blogs over the past few months. Cohen hails from the fruitful rap capital of New York City, however he calls Seattle his place of origin. Today, Cohen took to the blogosphere to release his new visual for “Nickvanexelrose”, a title that combines the names of two controversial 90’s stars Axl Rose, front man of rock outfit Guns N’ Roses and Nick Van Exel, former NBA guard.

The song and video combine for an entertaining experience, fitted with Cohen’s intriguing monotone delivery mixed in with scenes of females twerking, and finished with a beat that sounds as if Lil’ B is about to interrupt at any moment (a la B’s verse on Lil’ Wayne‘s “Grove St. Party”).

Be sure to download Cohen’s upcoming project Potential Fans out November 11th. Don’t hesitate to research more about Cohen, take a visit to his site.


2 thoughts on “Ill: Aaron Cohen ft. ABGOHARD – “Nickvanexelrose”

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