Chinatown Store Owner Makes Seven Figures A Year Flipping Authentic Supreme

is-supreme-still-supreme-0-630x315It’s no secret that New York-based lifestyle brand Supreme clothing releases are often a haven for “flippers”, people who buy the clothes as soon as they drop to later re-sell those same clothes for double or sometimes triple the amount. While the hobby of “flipping” seems lucrative, you probably didn’ t think you could make a living off it. That’s where you’re wrong, meet “Peter”, owner of Unique Hype Collection, a reseller store located in an abandon shopping mall on Elizabeth Street in Chinatown. In a recent piece with The New Yorker, Peter admits to making over seven figures a year from flipping exclusive Supreme clothing. Peter claims to have “brought in seven figures a year for the last two years” from in-store and eBay flipping of Supreme garments.

According to the piece, Peter “hires” employees, mostly teenagers, to stand in line during the drops for him, then he later compensates his employees $100 (or maybe only $50) once they fetch what he wants. Visit The New Yorker to read the full article.

On a stool behind the counter sat Lam Xie, Peter’s mother, who gives her age as “fifty-two or fifty-three.” She runs the day-to-day operations and speaks with an encyclopedic knowledge of Supreme clothing and Nike skateboarding sneakers. Her expertise is unexpected in the context of her otherwise limited command of English. She is proud to note that people who work at Supreme are aware of Unique Hype Collection—the brand’s employees have been there.


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