Big Ghost Fase Reviews ‘MMLP2’

MMLP2Generally regarded as the most hyped hip-hop release of 2013, which is a major statement given the number of high-profile rappers who have dropped albums over the past 11 months, Eminem‘s MMLP2 gets the expected Ghost Fase review treatment. Click here to read the bone-tickling review.

12. The Monster (Feat. Rihanna) – Wow yo…its like son jus hijacked a whole Flo Rida song…n he aint een tryna hide that shit. This shit jus so bold n courageous bruh. Guess he paid his respects to Beastie Boys n now he wanna do the same for Carol City’s Finest. I aint gon front…this shit is catchy as hell. Ion be usin words like “infectious” to describe music but this shit is “infectious” as fuck yo. If it was a Rihanna joint Ion think I would have any issues wit it. This shit is more a matter of principle tho. I mean we talmbout a dude who went at EVERY early 2000s pop act from Backstreet Boys to NSync to 98 Degrees to Britney n Christina.. Son was still shittin on Jessica Simpson in 2009 b…which was like 9 years past her relevance n shit. Im sayin the biggest difference between 2000 Eminem n 2013 Eminem is the 2013 Eminem would probably rather do a song wit NSync than disrespect em. Thats jus facts. I mean I get it… When them sideshow muthafuckas in the group got to perform wit Justin (Timberlake not Bieber. Thats right Beeebs…he got his mononym back. Fuckouttahere) again for like a whole 17 seconds at the last VMA awards show…I guarantee you that was the best 17 seconds any em muthafuckas had experienced since the “Bye Bye Bye” days. I mean these muthafuckas was on standby jus waitin on that call from JT like I AM SO THERE BRO… One em muthafuckas skipped the birth of they own child to share that stage wit Justin for jus one more time.  Chris Kirkpatrick had to be tasered n dragged away by security after the show… Like he aint want that shit to end. I mean the shit jus got ugly.


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