Pharrell Sits Down With Life + Times to Talk About ‘The Black Album’ & His Creative Relationship With Jay-Z

If you’ve done your research on Jay-Z‘s The Black Album then you would know that Pharrell had quite a hand in the formation of the LP. Pharrell put his masterful talents to work as he crafted stand-out tracks “The Allure” and “Change Clothes” which have stood the test of time as The Black Album is approaching its 10th anniversary (November 14th). In the montage, the Virginia-bred producer talks about forming a relationship with Hov and he thought he would never get to work with him after hearing “Can I Live?” off Reasonable Doubt, Jay’s critically-acclaimed first LP.

Later in the clip, Pharrell shares on his ability to use chromesthesia (seeing colors with sounds) to his benefit as he created the Magna Carta Holy Grail cut “Oceans” based upon “concord blue and dark green” mental color palettes.



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