Media Friendly: Kanye West Talks to 97.1 Amp Radio (Watch, 36-Minute Interview)

It seems as if everyday Kanye West becomes more and more media friendly despite his on-stage diatribes against various media outlets. Hypocritical? After granting Big Boy’s Neighborhood a near two-hour interview this morning, Mr. West made another stop in his promo tour as he sat down with 97.1 Amp Radio for an extensive look into the racing mind of Yeezus.

In part one of the 36-minute engagement, West speaks on  the Yeezus tour, God, cultivating DONDA into a design conglomerate, his boo thang Kim Kardashian, and his daughter North West.

In part two, Yeezy touches on the oddball promotion for the Yeezus album, industry politics, his love-hate relationship with the fashion industry, and the lack of creativity in the world.

Lastly in part three, Yeezy shares on the racy choice of using the confederate flag on Yeezus tour merchandise, receiving guidance from Tyler, the Creator , being fearless, Watch the Throne 2, and much more.

I’ve been holding an opinion for the past few months that Kanye doesn’t feel like music anymore as he wants to become an architect and a fashion designer more so than build his music catalog. I believe he is solely doing this Yeezus tour in effort to raise funds for his fashion aspirations.


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