Shaggy’s Son: Robb Bank$ – ‘Tha City’

thacityRemember that article we posted in August where we inquired if Floridan rapper Robb Bank$ was in fact Shaggy‘s son after footage surfaced of a young Robb Banks onstage with his (father?) Shaggy? Well, today we have come across evidence that will prove our theory correct: the album cover for Bank$’ newest release Tha City. The cover displays a very young, toothless Banks next to the corn-rowed reggae/dancehall superstar. Well, I’m glad Bank$ finally accepted his personal background but anyway, download Bank$’ mixtape below as it features superb production and verses from the likes of SpaceGhostPurrpSir Michael Rocks, Zaytoven, and Phlo Finister.


01. Flex (City) (Prod. by Nuri & Spaceghostpurrp)
02. KDia (CT) (feat. Phlo Finister) (Prod. by Spaceghostpurrp & Nuri)
03. On Me (Batonrouge) (Prod. by Nuri)
04. All The Way Live (feat. Lauderdale) (Prod. by Spaceghostpurrp & Nuri)
05. Counted (LA) (Prod. by Nuri & Spaceghostpurrp)
06. Mouth (Houston) (feat. B Way) (Prod. by Nuri)
07. New York (NY) (Prod. by Nuri)
08. Changed (Miami) (feat. Lofty 305) (Prod. by Nuri, Spaceghostpurrp & Freebase)
09. Scrub The Ground (Interlude) (Prod. by Nuri)
10. Round & Round (Memphis) [Prod. by Nuri]
11. Broward County Legend (Coral Springs) (Prod. by Spaceghostpurrp)
12. That Sound (Atlanta) (Prod. By Zaytoven)
13. Decoration (feat. Dooney Montana) (Pompano) (Prod. by Nuri)
14. Indistinct (DC) (Prod. by Nuri)
15. Heartbreaker (London) (Prod. by Nuri)
16. Practice (feat. Sir Michael Rocks) (Prod. by Nuri & POSHstronaut)
17. Trust Me (Prod. by KE On The Track)


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