Big Ghost Fase Reviews ‘Nothing Was the Same’


A major rap album release week wouldn’t be complete without a hilarious, comprehensive review by the one and only Big Ghost Fase. Read here as the anonymous blogger critiques Drake‘s latest piece of sonic art Nothing Was the Same. Try to not laugh too hard. THIS.IS.AMAZING.

Read a snippet of the review below:

1. Tuscan Leather – Aight so this shit starts out soundin like the music from a movie trailer for a quirky romantic comedy that got quirky white folk like Zooey Deschanel or muthafuckin somebody somebody Wilson or some shit in it exchangin witty dialog between theyselves while tryin to save whales n drink warm soy beverages or whatever cuz I never really actually seen none of them fuckin movies ever but thats jus what this shit reminds me of. Yall might be gettin the same vibes… But then you like oh hol up…its that Whitney Houston joint from The Bodyguard playin backwards n shit…like damn this nigga Drizzy tryin to ether hisself on track 1 or what? But nah he serious…n son ain’t singin or bringin none of that “do you mind if I suck ya toes for you?” shit he usually be bringin. Right out the gate he wanna let yall niggas kno you dealin witta whole different animal on this album. The Drake who could shoot lotion outta his wrists n spin a web ain’t show up on this track. Instead we got the Drake that likes to throw out warnings for anybody who be forgettin that when he not croonin a gentle ballad he also be spittin bars…n summa them shits can be dope. Only thing Ion get is why anytime Drizzy bring up Lil Wayne in a song he gotta talk bout somebody catchin a body in the next line…


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