Manhattan & Brooklyn to Host 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend


In an effort to enhance the storied basketball heritage (and profit) in New York City, the NBA has officially announced today that the 2015 All-Star Weekend will be held in both Manhattan (Madison Square Garden) and Brooklyn (Barclays Center). The Garden will host the All-Star Game on Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015, at the newly-renovated Madison Square Garden. The Barclays Center will host the Saturday night events, including the 3-point shootout and the dunk contest. Read more on the story here.

If you read American Beau affluently, you would know that I’ve been a life-long Nets fan. I actually like the idea of having a multi-borough All-Star Weekend, the Knicks can have the glamour of the All-Star Game, I’m satisfied in knowing that the Nets have a better team for years to come. No contest.

[Courtesy of ESPN]


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