Six Flags to Welcome Zumanjaro: 415-Foot Free Fall Ride


Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ) is world-renowned for being home to some of the most bone-chilling roller coasters on Earth as the park boasts famous attractions such as El Toro, Kingda Ka, and Nitro, to name a few. Today, the theme park giant announced that they will be welcoming a new “Drop of Doom” named Zumanjaro which will be built near the tower face of the infamous Kingda Ka. The 415-feet structure which will be hailed as the tallest tower-drop ride in the world once completed, will drop patrons in a free fall that’ll move at a blistering speed of 90 mph. The ride will be replacing legendary wooden roller coaster Rolling Thunder which has been a staple in the park for 35 years. Expect Zumanjaro to be finished for Great Adventure’s Opening Day in 2014.

Turn up? Ha! I for sure will be glad to experience such heights, Kingda Ka wasn’t nearly as bad as I previously thought and I don’t see this being scarier than that monstrosity. However, I advise patrons to not eat within an hour of boarding the roller coaster…if you prefer your lunch to stay in your stomach. Watch the virtual ride montage below.

[via Yahoo!]


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