HOLD UP?! Lamar Odom Seeking Help for Addiction to Crack Cocaine

lodomNews broke this past Wednesday via gossip site TMZ that NBA forward Lamar Odom, who played for the LA Clippers last season (currently a free agent), allegedly has had an addiction to crack cocaine for the past two years. There are also reports via Radar Online that claim that Odom has an on-going problem with prescription drugs Ambien and Oxycontin which are known to be highly addictive. In the midst of rumors of him also having a mistress(es), things are not going well for this section of the Kardashian family. Odom joined a rehab program at the request of his wife, Khloe Kardashian last August before leaving after three weeks. After rumors of Odom going missing this past weekend for 72 hours, it seems he is now with his close friends and family in LA and the star still has plans to play in the NBA and battle his addiction. Good luck to Lamar Odom, because you know what they say: cocaine (crack cocaine) is a hell of a drug.


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