Stussy X YO! MTV Raps Documentary & Capsule Collection


YO! MTV Raps, the most prolific hip-hop television show OF ALL-TIME recently debuted its collaboration with streetwear brand Stussy to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary. The limited edition line of hoodies, t-shirts and crews feature legendary rap acts including De La Soul, Queen Latifah, Slick Rick and Brand Nubian.

It’s grand to see that people are still recognizing the pioneers of this hip-hop shit as nearly ever legendary rapper made an appearance on that program, ranging from N.W.A. to Biggie Smalls. The amount of rich content that the show provided us, hip-hop heads, is amazing. YO! MTV Raps captivated legions of rap fans nation-wide and put hip-hop into the family rooms of America. View the whole collection on the Stussy site and view the two-part documentary below. The documentary also includes commentary from rap greats Rakim, MC Lyte, DJ Premier, and Doctor Dre.




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