Stop-And-Frisk Ruled Unconstitutional

Today, a New York City judge ruled the “Stop-and-Frisk” practice as a violation of minorities’ civil rights, according to the New York Times. Judge Shira A. Scheindlin ruled that the NYPD had been violating the constitutional rights of citizens, mainly Black and Latino, for several years as police were allowed under law to stop pedestrians without having any actual reason of suspecting them of wrongdoing. Judge Scheindlin called for a reform of the “Stop-and-Frisk” program as she claimed the practice severely racially profiled New York City’s minorities. “Stop-and-Frisk” was enacted by Mayor Bloomberg to combat crime in the city by trying to actively limit the amount of firearms and drugs on the streets, but many NYC citizens see the program as an effort to monitor minorities exclusively. According to the New York Times article, 88 percent of the stops result in the police letting the person go without a ticket or arrest. Read more on the story here.

[via New York Times]


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