What The F***: Man Murders Wife, Posts Photo Of Wife’s Body On Facebook

Derick Medina, a resident of South Beach, Florida, confessed last night on Facebook to murdering his wife after he claims she physically abused him. To couple with his graphic confession, Medina then posted a picture of his wife’s bloodied body which showed her corpse bent backwards with blood covering here face. The picture which had a caption of “Rip Jennifer Alfonso.”, has since been deleted from Medina’s account but had been floating around Twitter and other social media for the past day, which had many people, including myself believing the post was a fictitious photo that someone constructed for amusement. The wife’s body was found in the couple’s townhouse in Miami, where their child was also present. Medina turned himself into local authorities and described the incident as a domestic dispute, which eventually lead to murder. Medina’s father told news reporters that the couple had a troubled relationship, and had remarried last year after previously getting a divorce.

Crazy what actions some people will take to justify themselves, especially against people in their own family. Read Medina’s Facebook status below and the full story here.


[via Huffington Post]


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