American Beau Interviews Automatik Beatz


Jim Jones and Automatik Beatz (Courtesy of Automatik Beatz’ Instagram)

Automatik Beatz, out of Long Island, NY has gained popularity amongst new producers by creating a unique futuristic sound to his music. Noted for working with NY artists such as Lloyd Banks, Juelz Santana, and Vado, Automatik Is dedicated and hungry to reach Grammy-award production status and is building his resume sheet as you read this. Along with his pal A6, the duo have transpired the NY rap scene into their playground handing out hits to NY heavyweights and look to do a lot more of it in the upcoming months with their work to be featured on new music releasing from Lloyd Banks, Joe Budden, and Vado. Automatik discusses his influences, and plays with the idea of being featured on Fabolous’ Loso’s Way 2: Rise to Power; read and enjoy!

When did Automatik start to make beats, and what was your motivation to?

About three-four years ago, I was just doing it as a hobby. I always listened to music for the beat and didn’t really care who the artist was.

Discuss your production influences and the role they played in crafting your unique sound.

I’m influenced by all different producers and try to take a combination of all the producers who influenced me and put them into one.

Automatik Beatz and A6

Automatik Beatz and A6

Who was the first major artist that you did a beat for, and did how you feel when you found out they used your beat? How has your production grown since you first entered the game?

The first major placement I had was JR Writer and Cassidy’s “G.O.A.T.” and it was definitely a great feeling having two great artists on it, I felt like I could really do this. My sound from then is completely different I’m always pushing myself and trying to out do the last beat I made.

You’ve done songs such as “Shock The World”, “Turn It Up”, “Go Cinderella” and have given NY rap a futuristic sound. How do you compare to other upcoming producers’ beats such as CardiacA$AP Ty Beats, and Clams Casino to name a few.

I don’t think it’s fair to compare us to each other because we all have a distinctive sound and they are all great. Cardiak right now to me is the best producer out hands down, the most consistent producer in the game right now but there are a lot of great producers doing their thing.

Out of the big names you have worked with, which production credit has meant the most to you and why?

I think Lloyd Banks “Shock the World” because that was the song that really put me out there and hearing it played on the radio all the time was really overwhelming. That will always be my favorite record.

What artists are you currently working with? Which artists and/or producers would you see yourself work with in the future?

I was just in the studio with Chris Webby, we got a real banger that’s going to drop soon. I’ve been trying to work with artists outside of New York, right now I’d love to work with Drake he’s killing everything and also Jeremih I got a bunch of records that he would kill.

I know you have been helping NY rappers such as Lloyd BanksJim JonesVado, with production on their upcoming projects. How excited are you for the public to hear your new work with those artists.

Me and Banks got a few crazy records in the stash which I’m definitely excited for people to hear. Me and Fab (Fabolous) did a few records also for his album. He took like four-five beats but got to see if they make the cut. The records for Jim and Vado, I’m not sure where they will end up but they are going to be dope.

 What producers does Automatik look to for motivation. Who are your musical influences?

Swizz Beatz, Araab Muzik, Cardiak, Jahlil Beats those are definitely my top producers. All have that high energy music which you can definitely hear in my beats. Also my bro A6, we grew up together since kindergarten so anytime he’ll play me something ill go back and try and outdo that. It’s like a friendly competition to push each other.

How do you begin the craft of making your own beats? Is the process and beat structure specific to the artists you work with?

I don’t really plan anything out or have an artist in mind I just go in and create.

A6, Automatik Beatz, Razah

A6, Automatik Beatz, Razah

What advice would you offer to young upcoming producers to strive in the music industry?

Just try and make your beats stand out and do something a little different then other producers and to definitely stay on twitter and look for artists who post their emails because they do listen to everything that’s sent.

What future plans do you have for yourself outside of music production, and where would you like to see yourself in the industry?

I see myself definitely on a Grammy nominated album soon. 


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