Johnny Football Under Some Heat

Freshmen Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has been anything but under the radar lately. Johnny Football has the talent and PERSONALITY of a superstar as he demands the spotlight and attention but the glory maybe finally catching up to him. Unfortunately, reports state that he is under investigation by the NCAA for possible profiting off of signed memorabilia. There has been an abundant amount of autographed goods that have showed up on the market with the Johnny Manziel name. Maybe if it was a couple of autographs this would not have been a problem. The fact that close to 200 goods were for sale with his authenticated autograph gained the attention of the NCAA. He is facing possible suspension and ineligibility. The NCAA is known to come down hard on situations like this. Can Johnny Football survive a season not on the field? This kid, destined to make millions in another two years may have given up the opportunity to win the Heisman again for some chump change.


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