Ian Connor aka King of the Youth Discusses His Love for Social Media Hoes

Ian Connor aka the King of the Youth is notorious in NYC fashion and Tumblr circles as the mildy-depressed teenager who models for all the popular streetwear brands, ranging from Stussy to #BEEN #TRILL. Ian garnered fame from being ever-so present on popular social multi-media site Tumblr as he always donned the latest streetwear trends including heavy dosages of Supreme. Ian can also be seen giving a cameo as the fake Shabba Ranks in A$AP Ferg‘s visual for “Shabba” video which debuted two weeks ago. Watch above as the indie fashion icon talks to The Fat Jew (yes, that’s his name) about how he was donned the King of the Youth and how he proceeds to bag females via social media.

Ian has been making some serious waves through the fashion industry recently so much so that NYC designer Wil Fry created a varsity jacket aptly titled “Portrait of Ian Connor” that features an all-over print of Ian Connor’s villainous face. View the jacket below.



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