Motivation: Steve Jobs’ Stanford 2005 Commencement Speech

The late Steve Jobs is most widely-known as the man who founded the company that invented two of the biggest  technological devices of the 21st century, the iPod and the iPhone. He was also known for his creative genius as he co-founded Pixar, the world’s biggest computer animation company, Pixar is responsible for Walt Disney‘s biggest movies (Toy Story,Cars, Finding Nemo, etc). On smaller scale, Jobs’ widespread appeal was due in-part to his counter-culture motives. He  was never driven by money but by a mission to provide the best product possible.  Jobs’ annual salary from Apple was $1 as he garnered money off his shares of Apple and Disney. He never was shy about admitting his LSD use either as he stated in past interviews that through his trips he thought of the aesthetic of the later-founded Apple products.  Jobs was noted for his strict personality as he expected the absolute best out of his employees and sought to bring new, trail-blazing objects into the human stream of conscious.

Watch above as Jobs gives wisdom to the Stanford graduates about being adopted, the building years of Apple, being fired from Apple, and courageously dealing with cancer. Amazing. Truly inspirational. Read the full speech, in text, here.

Jobs’ motives and ideology should be a model for everyone as each living human being should live to follow their heart and dreams. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

R.I.P to the great.


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