Elite Daily: Internships: Why Being An Office B*tch For A Summer Won’t Further Your Career

*Prayer hands emoji*. Being a college student becomes increasingly stressful as we bare down on the last years of our collegiate trek. We are now looking for internships that we believe are going to valuable to us down the road whether it be for a perspective job or just as insight in that specific career path. Too often, students walk into internships believing that it is going to be a rewarding experience full of time-worthy and enduring tasks instead students are given minimal, grunt work that has nothing really to do with what they initially signed up for. Most of the people I know who intern receive no compensation and are constantly bitched at by the higher-ups. Elite Daily‘s Ashley Fern wrote an amazing piece pertaining to this subject in which she details the problems and obstacles we all face as we compete for future job opportunities. Read the insightful article here.

In the world of an intern, you are essentially broke. They pay you the bare minimum (if at all) because companies have realized you need this internship more than they need you. They recognize the fact that they can get away with this sh*t since you need their references as well as the credentials on your resume.


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