40oz Van Interview with Life + Times



Popular snapback aficionado 40oz Van sat down with Jay-Z‘s Life + Times to talk about a multitude topics including how he got his name, his personal style, his numerous hat collaborations, and he how he came up with the popular 40oz Bounce BBQ event. Read the full interview here.

L+T: Many of your pieces are inspired by luxury brands like Givenchy and Balmain. Were you into high-end fashion brands growing up?
: Nah, hell no. I adapted with the times, because I was always on some fly shit, whether it was 1999 or now. When I was in middle school I was killing it with Avirex. When I was in high school I dropped at least $10,000 on Vanson jackets. I had like eight Vanson jackets. That was in high school, so it’s like I just stayed up-to-date. I look up to people like Hov. He stays up to date.

L+T: Everyone from Rihanna to Theophilus London has been rocking your hats. What does it mean knowing that so many people are fans of your work and are supporting what you’re doing?
: I appreciate it, because they don’t have to wear my shit. What we do is so organic, so it’s not like we’re force-feeding it to them. They wear it just because they like it. I’m grateful for the fact that someone wants to wear my shit just because they like it and not because they have to. I’m very appreciative and grateful for that.


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