American Beau Interviews Eli Myles


Discuss your background. What motivated you to start producing music? Is music production something that you are looking to utilize as a full-time career?

I used to play the violin in like the 5th grade or something, so I was always interested in music. About 2 years ago though I got a hold of a program and figured I’d try making something for me and my bros and I haven’t left it alone since. I definitely want this to be my full-time career. I’m nothing without music.

What instruments do you use for your production and what programs do you use to construct your beats (i.e. Logic or Fruit Loops)?

Right now I’m using FL Studio, but I want to eventually get into working with other programs. I just use FL and an Axiom 49 keyboard. When I get enough money I’ll get some live instruments in there too.

Who are some idols when it comes to hip-hop production? Do you look up to J.Dilla or Mr. Porter given that you are from Detroit?

I honestly was never really a huge Dilla or Mr. Porter fan growing up. My generation of Detroit came up more so on the street rappers here so we didn’t hear much Dilla or Mr. Porter. But Dilla inspires my work ethic more than anybody though, he was a machine. My biggest idols would be Kanye and TDE’s Digi+Phonics team.

Through careful examination of work with Joey Fatts, I feel like they all give off a very menacing or intense feeling which definitely goes hand-in-hand with Joey Fatts’ lyrics and musical tone. Would you say your production is more geared towards more aggressive hip-hop or does it vary depending on who you work with?

Nah, my production usually just depends on the artist. I actually work on a lot more bright production than aggressive. You know, Fatts’ lyrics are usually rugged and hardcore so that’s the vibe we go for most of the time.

You’re an in-house producer for the Cutthroat Boyz (Joey Fatts, A$ton Matthews, & Vince Staples). Explain how that connection came into fruition and had you heard of their music before then?

Man, Fatts heard like one of my first beats on Youtube last year and he emailed me on some 100 shit. He told me that he messed with my sound, and he wanted to take me to the top with him. He’s a man of his word. It’s even more crazy because I get emails like that all the time (before and after he hit me up) but for some reason this time it felt like the right move to make.

What was your reaction when Fatts told you that he wanted to use your instrumentals for his Chipper Jones series? Have been contacted by other artists for production?

I was hype man. I’d just started and this was my first placement. I get a lot of people from like the sites that I have work on. There’s a couple big artists I’m working on production for right now, but I wanna keep stuff under wraps until they drop, I’m superstitious cuz.


Are you actively working with other members of the group? I know A$ton has a new mixtape dropping soon and Vince drops multiple mixtapes every year.

Me and A$ton [sic] got a couple tracks, hopefully we get in a few more soon. I did the outro “Fallen Angel” on his Versace Ragz tape. I haven’t had the chance to do anything with Vince yet but I definitely wanna get something done. Probably when I get out to Cali.

Are there any D-Town artists that you are dying to work with? Who are some of the other indie or major label artists that you are looking to work with?

Man…..Em, Royce, Big Sean, Elzhi, Doughboyz Cashout, Danny Brown, EVERYBODY. I got a lot of production on my Detroit bro DeRose’s project coming up. I want to get something done with all the TDE members, Cole, A$AP Mob, Drake, Big Krit, Bronson, Jhene Aiko‘s gorgeous ass, EVERYBODY.

How do you feel about the overwhelming amounts trap production that has become ever so popular in rap music today? How did you feel when you heard the beats Kanye used for Yeezus which was way left-field in terms of mainstream rap, innovative or no?

Even though I make a couple here and there, I honestly hate it. Only because people don’t utilize creativity and add their own lil’ spark to it. Yeezus’ production was tight. The production on Kanye’s albums are always game changers.

Lastly, what can we expect from Eli Myles in the coming months?

Expect to hear and see a lot more of me. Maybe even on a couple of your favorite rappers’ projects. Just be on the lookout for the kid! It’s gametime.



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