American Beau Interviews JohnBoyBeats


When did you originally start making beats and what drove you to start? How do you constantly progress your sound?

I’ve been making beats now for about ten years. I started DJ’ing when I was sixteen and then started sampling records and building my sound catalog. DJ’ing is really what inspired me to start making beats. I try to make my music unique and different and always try to create a new sound using different samples and sounds that differ from what you may be use to.

What instruments do you use for your production and what programs do you use to record beats (i.e. Logic or Fruit Loops)?

I mostly use the software Synths in Logic to make my beats and to record vocals. I have different musicians that I work with for any music parts that need to be played.

Who are some artists or people you personally look up to or try to mold your craft after?

I look up to any hard working person who is out there trying to make it happen. I don’t really try to mold my sound to replicate any other producer. 

Explain how you first met Bodega Bamz and how you helped the creative process of making Strict 4 My P.A.P.I.Z.

When I moved back to New York I met Bamz through a mutual industry contact in a recording studio. Bamz was genuine from day one and we pretty much started working together from then. I produced four beats for Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z. When it comes to the creative process that was all Bamz, Ohla, and the TANBOYS crew, they are a tight family and always work together.

Your beats on “Where Ya Horns At?”, “P.A.P.I.”, “Thrilla” were nothing short of exceptional. Did you make those beats in the studio with Bamz or did you have the beats for awhile?

“Where Ya Horns At?”, “P.A.P.I.”, and “Say AMEN”,  were all made last year  in my studio located in Brooklyn. “Thrilla”, was made about four years ago and when I played it for artists they always went crazy when they heard it but nobody could really body it. While Bamz was working on his project (Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z.) I was listening to the “Thrilla” beat in my studio and thought to myself, “what the fuck, holy shit” and emailed the beat to Ohla. I messaged him and told him to check his email, that there was a beat for Bamz that he should go crazy on.  The rest is history…

What are your thoughts on the TANBOYS movement and their promotion of Latino culture in today’s hip-hop/pop culture landscape?

I think the whole TANBOYS movement is great. It’s actually amazing! Just look how strong their presence is with the Latino community and in hip-hop today. There isn’t anyone out there representing the Spanish community like the TANBOYS do. There are a handful of Latino rappers/pop acts, that are amazing,  but the TANBOYS movement and what they do for their heritage with the hip hop culture is dope!

What other artists are you current working with? What artists do you want to work with and why?

I work with many artists here in New York and elsewhere. I mean… If an artist is making good music, promoting himself the right way. I want to work with them. 

How do you feel about the New New York? What does the re-emergence of New York hip-hp mean to specifically?

I think the New New York movement is dope. All the artists involved are all very creative and talented. This new generation is bringing some very good music. 

What words of advice would you have for up-and-coming producers who are trying to make it into the industry?

I’m still up and coming myself so the only advice I can give to another producer is to keep working hard!

I know you have your own studio so is there any other aspects of media that you produce? Which form of media are you most involved in?

I own a small media company. My partner and I have produced short films, music videos, radio commercials, and event videos. We record all of the audio or sound effects here in in the studio, but I’m mostly involved in my music production and recording.

What can we expect from JohnBoyBeats in the near future?

I’ve been working with a lot of new artists as well as artists you already know of, so you can expect a lot of new music this year. 


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