Wiz Khalifa Calls Ray J ‘s “Hit It First” “Wack” in a Youtube Comment

Top Comment?

Top Comment?

Ray J‘s pop culture-inspired hit single “Hit It First” which is pretty noticeably dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian with whom he made a sex tape with and from that subsequently launched the Kardashian family name into super-stardom. Ray J has caught criticism by fellow musicians for the song’s vulgarity but this critique has to take the cake because Kim dates Kanye West who dated Wiz Khalifa‘s fiancee Amber Rose. Ray J released the video to the song this past week, in which the video features a Kim K-look-alike who Ray J observes as she climbs the ranks of the socialite circle. Wiz apparently didn’t take a liking to the video as he stated in a comment, “This shit wack”. Nice. 

Everyone who I’ve come into contact with has called the song “catchy” so I can’t necessarily hate because it is quite the banger. What are your thoughts? Watch the video for “Hit It First” below. 


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