American Beau Interviews New Kiid (Brandon Cruz)

New Kiid

New Kiid (1/3 of Hundred Degrees)

When did you decide to start making music and taking it seriously? Was it something you planned a while back or something that sprang suddenly out of interest?

I’d say about a 2 years ago, I had some hard times and needed something to lean on, music kept me sane so I stuck with it. I never really took my music seriously until last summer (2012)…music was always a big part of me, but me? Rapping? haha…yeah it definitely took over my life suddenly, in a good way of course.

Who would you say your influences are? How have they shaped your music and your whole aesthetic?

I’m a huge KiD Cudi fan and he inspires me a lot. I also like Mac Miller and Juicy J….they all have an impact on my music. I’ll never clone ‘em but I def take tips from them.

EIVP has obviously been present in Franklin for numerous years, what was your motivation to push the movement into the spotlight? How did you guys get started really?

E4P started a long time ago haha, just a bunch of teens doing what the fuck we wanted to do, it snowballed, fast. Now I can pretty much dap everyone the E4P way haha…its pretty cool. Just be you and people will dig it.

How you would describe EIVP in terms of a collective?

A huge family, some do drugs some don’t but we all support each other’s dreams. That’s the main thing.

Would you classify your sound as remotely hip-hop? I sense of a bit of SpaceGhostPurrp when I hear your production by the way. When crafting music is there a defined type of production you try to aim for or is your selection of beats simply what appeals to you/HD?

I’d say we’re hip hop. We like our shit trippy, so when we search for beats…that’s the feel we need. A deep bass with some weird sounds thrown in…something that can paint a scenery when you listen to it…of course we’re always open to switch it up with some trap beats or classic hip hop instrumentals…but we tend to stay in the trippy zone.

Your music references drugs quite a bit, but is there an underlying message you want to portray to your fans and potential fans? And how has your drug usage cultivated your sound and lifestyle?

Our music paints pictures. Most of our songs are for shroom trips, or blunt cyphs, etc, we don’t want our fans to go over dose on acid because we referred it in our music, but ya know live a little haha.

Judging from your tweets and lyrics, you have a love for things that are considered counter-culture or anti-government/establishment. Where does this stem from? Do you ever see yourself having a 9-5 job?

The whole 9-5 every day until you rot things isn’t for me haha. The government is funny. I really really don’t like what the Government stands for, but hey cheers to the 1% right? haha

What song have you made or HD (Hundred Degrees) made that resonates with you the most? What was the inspiration behind the song?

“Sucka Free” was a hit in my opinion. At the time the song was written, E4P was blowing up.We had people with their hand out everywhere we looked, so we made “Sucka Free” and it got us some buzz. Definitely makes me miss the summer and my bro Chino watching the music video.

Your “Samurai Skeleton” video was in my opinion your most visually appealing video. How do you decide what footage makes the final version of your videos? Is there a certain feeling or lingering attribute attached to every video you make?

I’ve worked with Ron (director of “Samurai Skeleton”) previously and we wanted to do something eye catching for this one. I give props to him on the visuals. He really brought out the song. We like dark videos with trippy effects, slow motions and of course subliminal messages, so yeah look out for those.

Since Josh’s (Chino) passing, how was your work ethic, life, and music changed? Do you find yourself more dedicated to your music and getting your message out?

Shit changed and shit changed fast. We had to adapt to a whole new sound. Chino’s passing brought us all to the bottom, its really tough to handle but we keep pushing. nothing will stop us and our homie will always look out for us up in the clouds. Nothing’s changed ambition wise, we have endless stomachs. Always hungry.

Outside of music, what are some other things you find interest in? Do you yourself finding interest and exploring other artistic ventures besides music?

I’m gonna try it all honestly haha, I really want to get the E4P products going first, things designed for the everyday stoner. Maybe get into some video editing too, look at for that.

What can you say your ultimate goal is when it comes down to making music? What can we expect from you and HD in the coming months?

Personally, I just want my music to help open eyes, music changes feelings, it stirs emotions. I want people to hear something rare and understand that the world has so many sounds. Expect tons of material from us over the summer, tons.

Thanks for your time!




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