Shaquille O’Neal Lakers Retirement Ceremony

During the late-1990’s and early-2000’s there was no better, more unstoppable force in basketball than Shaquille O’Neal. His presence was felt in every aspect of the game and he had the off-court personality to match his on-court flair. Last night, the former Lakers star had his #34 jersey retired during halftime of the Lakers-Mavericks game. His jersey is the tenth jersey to be retired in Lakers history. During the ceremony, Shaq was greeted with a video of Kobe Bryant expressing his gratitude towards Shaq, a touching speech by former legendary coach Phil Jackson, and kind words by the late Dr. Jerry Buss‘ daughter Jeanie Buss. Watch the excellent ceremony above as Shaq shares kind words about his dominant time in L.A. Signed by the team in the summer of 1996 after four successful seasons with the Orlando Magic, Shaq spent eight seasons with the purple and gold, winning three NBA championships while reaching four finals.

I’m still salty about that 1999-2002 Laker dynasty because they WAXED the Nets in 2002 NBA Finals, 4-0. *cries* The Nets were dirty back then too…

BTW: Jeanie Buss is a MILF.


Watch Mark Madsen’s horrific dance during the 2002 NBA Championship celebration. SO UGLY.


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