Kanye West & A$AP Rocky Believe They Deserve The Top Spot on MTV’s Hottest MC’s; My Opinion

Over the weekend MTV released their first batch of spots (10-5) for their annual Hottest MC‘s list, which sparked fiery debate within in the hip-hop community. Today, Mr. West broke his silence from the media to call into Hot 97 and speak with DJ Enuff about the list where he disagreed with his placement (#7). He argued that Lil’ Wayne should be called the “Hottest MC” at the moment and that Big Sean should have had a higher spot on the list as he “bodied” Cruel Summer‘s “Clique” and “Mercy”. West proceeded to end the phone call with a claim that he bought MTV personality Sway‘s first TV. Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky also argued his placement on the list (#8) with the LA Leakers, where he states a list of trends that he started in the rap community as well as rap techniques.

Let’s be honest, A$AP Rocky barely started any of the trends he stated. He didn’t “bring back” grills, gold jewelry, or the rapping styles he claimed. The guest features on his album outshone him, c’mon bruh! His bars are way too predictable especially on “Fuckin’ Problems”. I partially agree with Kanye about Cruel Summer because it did have some solid bangers but the second half of the album was horrid. Big Sean’s placement was legit because he isn’t touching hip-hop’s elite when it comes to rapping or lyrical complexity. Kendrick Lamar undoubtedly deserves the top spot as good kid, mA.A.d city was best album of last year and no rapper can match Lamar’s artistry or skill-set. What are your opinions?



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