Video: Lil’ Wayne Calls Himself the “New” Tupac & Claims he Smashed Chris Bosh’s Wife

This is wrong on so many levels. Over the weekend during the NBA All-Star Festivities in Houston, Lil’Wayne held a concert in which he voiced his opinions on the NBA and the Miami Heat as he was apparently banned from attending future games due to his multiple issues with the NBA over his previous attendance of Oklahoma Thunder and Miami Heat games. Wayne also stated that he was “Newpac”, as in he is the new Tupac and that he chopped down Chris Bosh‘s wife Adrienne. Let me tell you why this is wrong:

1) Lil’ Wayne’s lyrical abilities have diminished so much in past years that he can’t be named one of the greatest anymore, yet alone a second coming of Tupac. I’m sure many hip-hop heads took great offense to this claim.

2) Neverrrrr publicly state that you fucked another man’s wife especially if that man is the same city as you…Chris Bosh, you have to get at Weezy over this one. You’re 6’10”, he’s 5’5″.


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