VICE: Meet Harold Covington, Founder of Northwest Front, an Aryan Country

Ad for Northwest Front

Ad for Northwest Front

Meet Harold Covington, a notorious white supremacist, who started a campaign to form his own Aryan country called the Northwest Front which would be helmed in America’s northwest and would only have citizens who were Caucasian. VICE sat down with Covington to hear his viewpoints and motives behind the Northwest Front. It is pretty crazy that we still have lunatics still running around America preaching racism as a way of the future. To read the full article, click here. Read an excerpt below:

So what’s the point of this new country? Why don’t you just move to Scandinavia if you want to be surrounded by white people?
What we advocate is basically the establishment of a sovereign, independent nation in the Pacific Northwest as a homeland for all white people. Kind of like the white version of Israel. I don’t see why the Jews are the only people on Earth that get their own country and everyone else has to be diverse.

Yeah, it’s so unfair. They’ve had such an easy time of it so far. Why do you think it’s so important for white people to have their own country?
It’s kind of like reintroducing wolves into nature. The wolves have to have a habitat, and the white man has to have a habitat. We need a piece of turf where we can raise several more generations in security and safety without all this corrupting crap that liberal democracy has produced over the past 100 years.


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