Horrific: Chicago has had 40 Homicides in the Past Month, My Thoughts

Guns are too Common  in Chiraq

Guns are too Common in Chiraq

With the issue of gun violence and violent crimes on the minds of all Americans after a series of shooting massacres, focus is beginning shift to the Windy City, as Chicago recorded its 40th murder in the past month. This past weekend was frighteningly deadly as seven people were killed and six were wounded. January continued the already scary homicide rate in Chicago as over 500 murders occurred in 2012 with no plans of slowing down in the near future. With only few days left in January, Chicago could possibly have its deadliest January since 2002, where 45 murders were recorded.

Chicago’s handgun ordinance bans gun shops in the city and prohibits gun owners from stepping outside their homes with a handgun. Hand guns happen to be the weapon of choice for homicides in the city as a major of the weapons are purchased in nearby cities or neighboring states. According to Chicago officials, Chicago officers have taken 574 firearms this year alone. To read more on the situation, click here.

I’m still astonished that President Obama hasn’t shown a great deal of attention towards the rising rates of violent crime in Chicago as he is from the South Side of the city. He has spoken numerous times about the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre, which was also very devastating, but hasn’t spoken on the daily tragedies that go on in Chiraq. I believe that these young adults that happen to be involved in these gangs don’t have guidance or an outlet for their energy so they choose to become gang members and/or drug dealers. Gangs may seem awful to the general public but if you have nothing going for yourself or have tremendous odds stacked against you, there aren’t a multitude of positive choices for you to decide from. A great amount of these kids come from broken homes or varying amounts of poverty so they feel that no one is there for them and that they don’t have a future so they resort to horrific acts of robbery or drug-dealing to provide for themselves. Critics and the media vilify rapper Chief Keef because of his lyrics about guns, violence, and drugs but fail to put into perspective of where he comes from or what he was born in to. Granted, Keef could try and be positive by giving back to his community but I don’t find that realistic as he is only a young adult who was given nothing substantial in his life, so his mentality is “me against the world”. Chicago has a horrible inner-city educational system and corrupt cops that show little to no dedication to resolving the on-going acts of crime/homicide in the city. The fact that Chicago police have already collected 574 firearms in this year alone is crazy because who knows how many guns are on the streets being sold.

[Courtesy of Yahoo! News]


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