A$AP Ferg Interview with XXL

A$AP Ferg

A$AP Ferg

The Hood Pope/Trap Lord recently sat down for an in-depth interview with XXL magazine. In the interview, Ferg talks about his upcoming mixtape, Trap Lord, his RCA Records deal, and his killer verse on A$AP Rocky‘s “Ghetto Symphony”. View a snippet below and the full interview here.

So when are you gonna drop the Trap Lord mixtape? 
I’m looking at the end of February, early March. This is my first demo I’m ever putting out. I never even put out a demo for the labels to hear. This is the first shit I’m even putting together with numbers, with songs. So I wanna make sure it’s something special, I’m giving it my all. That’s why it’s kind of taking long. But trust me, when it comes out, it’s gonna be well worth it.

What’s it been like for you to put your first project together?
It’s fun, because I’ve been piecing together a team that I think I’m gonna be with for a long time as far as mixing, recording, young producers that you probably never even heard of. Sonically, it’s gonna be a monster. Straight movie shit. You ain’t hearing this shit nowhere—nobody has this sound. After this mixtape drop, you gonna hear everybody sound change. They gonna wanna know who’s working on my project ’cause it’s gonna sound that crazy. The best part is teaming up with these young rocket scientists that know what they doing. They rebels against anything that’s in cycle; they wanna go against the grain and make history. That’s all I’m about, is making history. I’m tired of the same hip-hop shit. It’s getting corny. All of this jumping around, looking stupid. I hate the term “real hip-hop,” but it’s real. Nobody can say my shit ain’t hip-hop, because I’m being innovative and I’m bringing something new to the table.



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