Seven Classes of Style as Told by Alex Andrews (@TerriblyDope)

Different Styles

Which Style are you?

True Meaning of Your Style
It can be said that we live in a society of smoke and mirrors: a world of facades and hidden truths. Fashion, however cliché, is the simplest form of expression. From the sneakerheads to the hypebeasts, from the hipsters to the brand-name obsessed; your outfit is more than an intricately arranged assortment of fabrics, it is you.

So what does your favorite outfit say about you?

The Sneakerheads: The sneakerhead subculture is one that began in the mid 1980’s, when sneakers were the most sought after article of clothing for inner city youth. Spearheaded by brands like Nike and Adidas, momentous athletes like Michael Jordan, and the powerful Hip-Hop movement; the sneaker game was born. This allowed it to become what it is today: a close-knit society and an ongoing history lesson. Whether you realize it or not, camping out for a pair of Retro Jordans or the latest installment of the Air Yeezy saga, your obsession with sneakers and the culture says a lot about you. It shows a respect for history, determination, and a cliquish mentally that warns against outsiders (the hypebeasts). This culture unites people across generations, genders, time and space; creating an unmatched unity in the fashion world.

The Hipsters: Whether they accept the title or not, todays hipsters were yesterdays hippies. Hipsters are rebels in today’s society; obsessed with underground culture and vintage clothing. Their disdain for anything mainstream shows their deep underlying political and social views. They don’t care what you think; they don’t care for the status quo; and, quite frankly, they don’t care for much else either. What they do care about is their individuality and the uniqueness that their style of dress brings. Outfitted in their denim jackets, screen-printed tees, and skin-tight pants, the hipsters are here to revolt.

The Tumblr-Girls: LOL. (Don’t get us wrong, we thoroughly enjoy looking at your beautiful pictures with your TI$A hats and Supreme Box Logo Hoodies, but c’mon shun). You know one when you see one.

The Name-Brand Bandits: Gucci this, Givenchy that, Louis this, and Armani that. You know, as well as we know, that you want us all to think that you have money. Who ever is paying for your obsession, it’s obvious that you love status. Whether you worked hard for it or not, it can be said that you strive for the finer things in life. Which is no problem, but remember that wearing name brands alone does not mean that you dress well.

Preppy: The Ivy League School of dress. Born in the 1950’s, this way of dress shows a yearning for a clean-cut, presentable look (and a yacht club membership). To you, prestige is important: from the way you carry yourself to the way you speak. Let’s be honest, all of our parents wish we dressed like this.

Athletic Wear, Wearers: This could mean three things: you live in the gym, you wished you lived in the gym, or you live and breathe sports. You are devoted to your physical fitness or your sport (that you play or watch). Your attire either shows off your hard work or shows that you live your sport, even of the court (or field, or pool, or pong table).

Urban Wear Lovers: To you, swag is important. Over the years, Urban Wear has taken a bad rap, but it still continues to evolve and flourish. From Kangol Hats and Gold Chains, to White Tees and Baggy Jeans, to whatever you see OFWGKTA rocking, your style lives in the streets. Influenced by Hip-Hop to Skateboarding, and everything in between, your style of dress shows resilience. The hot street-wear brands are always changing but your dedication to the style does not. So, you adapt and change with the times.

There are thousands of styles that represent thousands of personalities and social views. Chances are, many of us embody multiple styles of dress and attempting to label them can undermine its meaning. We are all individuals that dress with different motives. But whether your realize it or not, fashion is expression and it lasts forever.


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