Big Ghost’s 12 FOH-est Moments Of 2012 (+ Hopes n Visions For 2013)

Two days ago we brought you Big Ghost‘s album review of A$AP Rocky‘s debut album LongLiveA$AP, today we bring you the link to his top FOH moments of 2012 as well as his hopes for hip-hop in 2013. Click here to view the full list. Here’s a preview below:

11. Big Sean Collabs Wit Jay-Z & Kanye
Now I dont mean no disrespect cuz…once again…we dealin witta dude who gotta very fragile ego here namsayin. And apparently son was feelin some kinda way on the radio when he got asked by my dude Charlamagne Tha God how he felt bout me callin him a condiment rapper. Watchin the video (above) I thought son was gon cry at first but he reacted instead. Its whatever tho…I dont kno that boy. But the question remains yo…how you gon have some caviar or some fly shit like that n throw a side of taco meat next to that b? “Clique” was actually a dope track but aint no way in hell that shit needed a verse from Medium Sean. Let him do a hook…whatever…son gotta feed his family n whatever. Thats all love…but we aint need a whole 16.


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