Watch: Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones (The Guy Who Started the Petition to get him Deported), Hilarious Interview

Last month, in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre, Piers Morgan voiced his strong opinion of heightening gun restrictions in America. Morgan had numerous guests on his CNN show, in which the numerous guests debated gun laws with the oft-annoyed Morgan. Morgan’s opinions caught the eye of the angry, fiery Texan Alex Jones. Jones is conservative radio host who believes that the government had a hand in the 9/11 attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing. Jones then started a petition to deport Morgan back to England because he thought Morgan was part of a “New World Order”, a government plan to restrict gun ownership among American citizens. Last night, Morgan had Jones on his show to debate gun ownership and why Jones wanted him deported. This “interview/debate” is worth watching as the two go back and forth in an entertaining manner, which constituted of Jones shouting personal insults and biased facts at Morgan repeatedly. If you have free thirteen minutes, please watch this absurd interview. “The republic will rise again!”. Jones calls Morgan a “redcoat”. He sounds like Stewie from Family Guy when he tries to mock Morgan. LMFAO!


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