Throwback Video: Me [Brandon Womble] & Mike Torres Onstage with SpaceghostPurrp & A$AP Mob

Back in September, I posted a VICE/Noisey video of me on-stage with the A$AP Mob and SpaceghostPurrp and talked shortly about what happened on stage. Well, I was looking through my camera this weekend before New Year’s Day and saw that I had a couple videos of myself onstage with them and decided that I would post them on the blog. The background story behind the videos was that me and the homies, Mike (@FuckingTorres) and Vee, were in the crowd at the 2011 Creators Project in Brooklyn (DUMBO) when he called us onstage because we were the only people in the crowd being live (the crowd was filled with hipsters). The concert happened in October 2011, when SGP and A$AP Mob  were still friends, Lord Dominic was still in A$AP, and A$AP Mob was still simmering below the surface of stardom. Rocky was performing songs off LiveLoveA$AP and the only songs people knew by him were “Peso” and “Purple Swag”. It was actually the day after the news of A$AP Rocky signing a three million dollar contract with RCA Records was made public. The video below shows the Mob performing “Wassup”, at the end of the video you can hear Rocky telling us to jump on stage. The first person he calls to jump onstage is A$AP Lou who now is a official member of the Mob…crazy day…RARE?


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