Rutgers Student Profile: Stylist/Fashion Blogger Jean Marc Edma

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Hometown: West Orange, New Jersey

Major: Political Science

Year: Fourth Year

Major Interests: Fashion, Sports, Traveling, Culture

Why did you choose the major you did and how does it tie into your interest in fashion?

When I was a little kid I was really into law and wanted to go to law school but after four years of college I am starting to reconsider if I want to do [that] directly after undergraduate education. Law school is still a goal I want to pursue but as of now, that dream has been put on the shelf. My major and fashion are on two different fields but with the right education I plan to coordinate my fashion sense and desire to be a lawyer and be[ing] a fashion lawyer.

How big is styling, fashion advising, and menswear to your everyday life?

I think that is me on a general basis. I feel that as soon as you have a passion for something you speak it all the time. I can not remember the last day I haven’t made a reference towards styling and fashion. Fashion is second nature.

What was your reasoning behind creating Fashion Through Your Eyes and where do you see the blog going in the future?

Carl (co-founder of FTYE) and I decided to start blogging about what we liked about fashion. For years we were always discussing fashion and became close friends. After a long wait and a lot of procrastination, we started the blog in June of 2011. We both had different styles so we wanted to show fashion through many different scopes. We plan for the blog to just be a safe haven for fashion enthusiast of all different styles to visit the site and gain different experiences. WE want to make sure that we are able to reach many different audiences. It’s about getting people to gain fashion ideas. It’s all about making sure that when people come visit the site there is one thing that they find amusing every visit.

How have you utilized Rutgers New Brunswick as a network to market your blog and establish connections?

College is the key place to start a blog because there is a college audience that will have your back. The best thing for us is that we are making a name for us on the campus which is giving us a great support and opportunities. It was essential that we start are blog on the campus scene.

What part of a man’s outfit is most important to you and why? What advice would you give to guys trying to build their fashion sense?

The most important part of a man’s outfit to me is a toss up. There are so many things that complete an outfit. To complete an outfit to me, accessories are key. The right tie, belt, bag, pocket square, and more will complete an outfit and take an outfit from just being cool to being amazing. Accessories add a thought factor. It shows that you woke up today and somewhat thought about what to wear. The one advice I would give guys about being their fashion sense would be to definitely look for things that are versatile. Its not about how expensive your outfit is but how functioning it is. Its all about mixing and matching. Always add an accessory because it adds a touch to it.

Who are some designers and labels that appeal to you the most and why? How would you describe your sense of style?

This is a tough question. There are so many designers right now that are really making moves in the fashion industry that are appealing to me. A couple designers that I am in love with is Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and so much more. The thing about these designers is the ability to be interchangeable. They all have their different styles but exert the definition of fashion. What is my sense of style lol?!? I would say my style is what goes through my head when I wake up. Some days I can have a really clean look or some days I want to have a bit of eclectic look. Its very random.

During your time at Rutgers what has been the most rewarding experience? How do you plan on carrying these experiences on with you as you advance in to the “real world”?

My most rewarding experiences is making bonds with other Rutgers students that are driven to make it in their respective fields. The networks built are probably the best experience. I plan to make sure that those bonds that were built while at college stay there after. There is no way to survive the “real world” without networks.

How hard has it been balancing your styling/fashion hobbies and schoolwork?

It’s been difficult at some times but sometimes you have to make sacrifices on both ends. I usually plan my schedule accordingly so I make time for my styling and hobbies.

You have been the style coordinator and stylist for the past couple Twese fashion shows. How has your experience from these events prepared you for future stylist/coordinator gigs and/or jobs?

Being the style coordinator for the Twese Fashion Show was kind of the push that gave me the hope of possibly making this a career. It was a major step in my push towards styling. I learned a lot from these shows because the work that goes into coordinating a fashion show is very strenuous. Its not the same as NYFW but it still showed me insight into the making of a fashion show.

Fashion brands, Crew Love, Profound Aesthetic, and Herds of the Fathers started at Rutgers. What do you think of the recent “fashion scene” here at RU?

The fashion scene from my freshman year to now has drastically changed. I think with all these different outlets of fashion people are starting to realize that presentation is key. Men in general are starting to step up. The progress is very evident.

What Rutgers students do you find the most fashionable? What celebrities/peers?

To name name’s that would take forever but I have a WDYW section in blog that highlights fashionable people at Rutgers. Celebrities… generic answer would be Kanye West but I am a fan of Andre 3000, Mos Def, Pharrell, Teyana Taylor, Theophilus London, and so [many] more. Those were the only names that came to the top of my head.

What can expect from you in the near future? What goals are you working towards?

You can expect to see me making strides towards being a fashion stylist that has background in many different fields of styling. We will continue work towards making FTYE better. Some short term goals I am working on right now is working on a project with [a] celebrity, building my portfolio, and possibly working for a company as a full time stylist, or assistant stylist. My goals change everyday because there is always something new to be done!







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